Glycerin Soap - The unicorn

Glycerin Soap - The unicorn

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Handmade Glycerin Soap by the Quebec company Mélobulle

+ or - 95 grams

Scented with berries!

A unicorn with vegetable glycerin and a delicious smell !! The sparkles inside are biodegradable, so harmless to the skin and the environment. It is vegan, palm oil free and cruelty-free to our animal friends!

Ingredients: Water, glycerin, sorbitol, sodium stearate, sodium laurate, propylene glycol, sodium oleate, sodium myristate, sodium chloride, perfume / fragrance, glyceryle mono laurate, cocamidopropyl betaine, theobroma cacao butter (cocoa butter / cocoa butter), butyrospermum parkii butter (shea butter / shea butter), mangifera indica (mango butter / mango butter, mica, sodium thiosulfate, sodium citrate, titatium dioxide, citric acid, trisodium sulfosuccinate, pentasodium pentate, tetrasodium etidronate, fragrance, biodegradable glitter.

For best results: Your glycerin soap will last longer if it is dried after each use and kept in a dry place.

Note: You will notice that this product attracts moisture when exposed to air. Your soap may be a little damp, this phenomenon is called "sweating" and is quite normal. For ecological reasons, none of my soaps are packaged.

If irritation occurs, discontinue use. For external use only;)